Kid from Spain

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Kid from Spain ★★½ 1932

Early Busby Berkeley choreography highlights this fun, if nonsensical, musical. Thanks to the usual mixups, college boy Eddie (Cantor) witnesses a bank robbery and flees to his friend Ricardo's (Young) home in Mexico, with the crooks on his trail. Then he gets mistaken for a famous bullfighter and is even forced into the ring. Oh, and there's some romantic complications as well. ♫The College Song; Look What You've Done; In the Moonlight; What a Perfect Combination. 96m/B VHS . Eddie Cantor, Robert Young, Lyda Roberti, Ruth Hall, John Miljan, Noah Beery Sr., J. Carrol Naish, Robert Emmett O'Connor; D: Leo McCarey; W: William Anthony McGuire, Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby; C: Gregg Toland.