Kicked in the Head

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Kicked in the Head ★★ 1997 (R)

Redmond, a loser who dreams of the Hindenburg disaster, is newly jobless, homeless and loveless. He decides to go on a “spiritual quest”, which unfortunately consists of bad poetry and worse trouble, through Manhattan's Lower East Side. His Uncle Sam (Woods) wants him to deliver a package, his buddy Stretch (Rapaport) wants him to work for his shady (and sometimes violent) beer business and stewardess Megan (Fiorentino) wants him to leave her alone. It's all settled in a hail of gunfire and car chases, because that's how things are solved in the movies. Director Harrison did more with much less in debut “Rhythym Thief.” 97m/C VHS, DVD . Kevin Corrigan, Linda Fiorentino, James Woods, Lili Taylor, Michael Rapaport, Burt Young, Olek Krupa; D: Matthew Harrison; W: Matthew Harrison, Kevin Corrigan; C: John Thomas, Howard Krupa; M: Stephen Endelman.