Kaplan, Morton A.

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KAPLAN, Morton A.

KAPLAN, Morton A. American, b. 1921. Genres: International relations/Current affairs, Philosophy, Politics/Government. Career: Professor of Political Science, 1965-, and Distinguished Service Professor, 1989-, emeritus, 1991, University of Chicago (Assistant Professor, 1955-61; Associate Professor, 1961-65; Chairman, Committee on International Relations, 1959-85; Director, Ford Workshops Prgs. in International Relations, 1961-71; Director, Center of Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies, 1970-85). President, Professors World Peace Academy, 1984-. Advisory Board, Washington Times, 1983-. Ed. and Publr., The World and I, 1985-. Associate Ed., Journal of Conflict Resolution, 1961-81. Publications: US Foreign Policy 1945-1955, 1956; System and Process in International Politics, 1957, 1965; (with Katzenbach) Political Foundations of International Law, 1961; Macropolitics: Essays on the Philosophy and Science of Politics, 1969; Dissent and the State in Peace and War, 1970; On Historical and Political Knowing, 1971; On Freedom and Human Dignity, 1973; The Rationale for NATO, 1973; Towards Professionalism in International Theory, 1979; Global Policy, Challenge of the '80s, 1984; Science, Language and the Human Condition, 1984; Law in a Democratic Society, 1993; Character & Identity, vol. 1, 1998, vol. 2, 2000. EDITOR: (and contrib.) New Approaches to International Relations, 1968; (and contrib.) Great Issues of International Politics, 1970; (and contrib.) SALT: Problems and Prospects, 1973; (and contrib.) Strategic Thinking and Its Moral Implications, 1973; (and contrib.) NATO and Dissuasion, 1974; (and contrib.) The Many Faces of Communism, 1978; Consolidating Peace in Europe, 1987; (co-ed.) The Soviet Union and the Challenge of the Future, 4 vols., 1988-89; (and contrib.) Morality and Religion, 1992; (and contrib.) The World of 2043, 1993. Address: 5446 S. Ridgewood, Chicago, IL 60615, U.S.A.