Jericho Mansions

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Jericho Mansions ★★½ 2003 (R)

Longtime apartment building super Leonard (Caan) becomes involved in a murder investigation when a tenant turns up dead. He's already having a rough time, with complaints from other tenants and a theft accusation. Director Sciamma takes a much cooler, smarter path to the surprise ending than most mystery/thriller tales these days. Caan is in fine form. 98m/ C VHS, DVD . James Caan, Jennifer Tilly, Genevieve Bujold, Maribel Verdu, Peter Keleghan, Bruce Ramsay, Susan Glover, Mark Camacho; D: Alberto Sciamma; W: Alberto Sciamma, Harriet Sand; C: Alastair Meux; M: Dan (Daniel) Jones. VIDEO