Jeremiah Johnson

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Jeremiah Johnson ★★★ 1972 (PG)

The story of a man (Redford) who turns his back on civilization, circa 1830, and learns a new code of survival (thanks to a trapper, played by Geer) in a brutal land of isolated mountains and hostile Indians. In the process, Jeremiah becomes part of the wilderness, eventually taking an Indian wife and adopting a son. When hostile Crow warriors kill them, he begins a one-man revenge mission, gaining legendary status as a warrior. Based on the novel “Mountain Man” by Vardis Fisher and the story “Crow Killer” by Raymond W. Thorp and Robert Bunker. A notable and picturesque movie, filmed in Utah. 107m/C VHS, DVD . Robert Redford, Will Geer, Stefan Gierasch, Allyn Ann McLerie, Joaquin Martinez, Charles Tyner, Paul Benedict, Josh Albee, Delle Bolton; D: Sydney Pollack; W: Edward Anhalt, John Milius; C: Duke Callaghan; M: John Rubinstein.