I Was Born But…

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I Was Born But… ★★★ Umarete Wa Mita Keredo 1932

Two young brothers (Sugahara and Tokkankozo) are the leaders of the neighborhood gang of kids. Their office clerk father (Saito), who is trying to advance his position by playing up to the boss, insists the boys accompany him to his boss' house for a visit. The sons are embarassed by their father's ingratiating behavior, especially when they realize that the boss' son is a minor member of their gang. In retaliation, the brothers decide to go on a hunger strike. Charming social satire. Japanese with subtitles. 89m/ B VHS . JP Tatsuo Saito, Hideo Sugahara, Tokkankozo, Mitsuko Yoshikawa, Takeshi Sakamoto; D: Yasujiro Ozu; W: Akira Fushimi, Geibei Ibushiya; C: Hideo Shigehara.