I Witness

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I Witness ★★ 2003 (R)

Greed and corruption lead to a single culprit in three separate crimes: 27 people are found dead in a collapsed tunnel at a Mexican border town, two American college boys on holiday go missing and are later found murdered, and human rights observer James (Daniels) is monitoring a union election taking place at a chemical plant owned by a multinational corporation. Spader is typecast as an oily rep who keeps those third-world wheels greased and turning for the sake of the American economy. 95m/C DVD . Jeff Daniels, James Spader, Portia de Rossi, Clifton (Gonzalez) Collins Jr., Wade Andrew Williams, Jordi Caballero; D: Rowdy Herrington; W: Colin Greene, Robert Ozn; C: Michael G. Wojciechowski; M: David Kitay.

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I Witness

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