I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname

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I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname ★★★ 1967

To some tastes, this overwrought and long-unseen comedy from the swinging ‘60s will be completely dated with characters whose mindsets are totally alien. Protagonist Andrew Quint (Reed) is a piggish young ad executive who tries to leave his even more piggish boss (Welles), and his two mistresses, though he's not sure he wants to divorce his wife. Why? He wants to go back to do something meaningful with his life, something like working for a literary magazine. It's actually a long midlife crisis (though the phrase did not exist when the film was made) that set standards for frankness in its sexual material. 99m/C DVD . Oliver Reed, Orson Welles, Carol White, Marianne Faithfull, Michael Hordern, Frank Finlay; D: Michael Winner; W: Peter Draper; C: Otto Heller; M: Francis Lai.