I Want You 1951

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I Want You ★★½ 1951

Small-town life in Greenhill is disturbed for various citizens by the gathering storm of the Korean War. WWII vet Martin Greer (Andrews) is uncertain about reenlisting while his wife Nancy (McGuire) is totally against the idea. Young Jack (Granger) doesn't want to leave his girl and family while his dad (Keith) tries to instill some patriotic fervor in his son, while George's (Milner) father (Baldwin) doesn't want to let him go. Dated but not unaffecting. 102m/B VHS . Dana Andrews, Dorothy McGuire, Farley Granger, Peggy Dow, Robert Keith, Mildred Dunnock, Martin Milner, Walter Baldwin, Jim Backus, Ray Collins; D: Mark Robson; W: Irwin Shaw; C: Harry Stradling Sr.; M: Leigh Harline.

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I Want You 1951

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