I Walk the Line

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I Walk the Line ★★½ 1970 (PG-13)

Tennessee sheriff Henry Tawes (Peck) is known for his inflexible upholding of the law and his moral character. But even he can't resist the tawdry charms of wild nymphet Alma (Weld), the daughter of local moonshiner Carl McCain (Meeker). Tawes crosses all lines to be with Alma, even leaving his family and ignoring McCain's crimes with tragic consequences. Johnny Cash sings the title track. 95m/C DVD . Gregory Peck, Tuesday Weld, Ralph Meeker, Estelle Parsons, Charles Durning, Lonny (Lonnie) Chapman; D: John Frankenheimer; W: Alvin Sargent; C: David M. Walsh; M: Bobby Johnston.