How to Go Out on a Date in Queens

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How to Go Out on a Date in Queens ★ 2006 (R)

Interesting cast, lame story involving three romantic crises set in a Queens restaurant called Mandatori's. Self-proclaimed dating expert Stan (Drillinger) sets up a double date with his widowed friend Artie (Estes) that turns into a disaster. Bookie Johnny (Alexander) finds out that he owes a lot of money to the Russian mob and must blow town just as his gal Ann Marie (Dunford) tells him she's pregnant. And assistant manager Elizabeth (Lynn) is sure her boyfriend Frankie (Morales) is going to propose but he wants to use their life savings to bet on the Super Bowl. 90m/C DVD . Robert Estes, Jason Alexander, Esai Morales, Brian Drillinger, Kimberly Williams, Christine Dunford, Meredith Scott Lynn, Ron Perlman, Alison Eastwood, Enrique Murciano, Bjorn Johnson, Michelle Danner; D: Michelle Danner; W: Richard Vetere; C: Jens Sturup; M: Shark.

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How to Go Out on a Date in Queens

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