How to Lose Your Lover

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How to Lose Your Lover ★½ 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover 2004

Owen (Schneider) lives in L.A. and writes trashy celebrity biographies. He decides to break free and move to New York to find intellectual fulfillment. So he won't be tempted to return, Owen crudely breaks all ties to friends and family. Of course, just as he's leaving, he meets the girl of his dreams, Val (Westfeldt), and decides to put her through various romantic trials to see if it could be true love. Val should personally put Owen on that plane instead. 95m/C DVD . Paul Schneider, Jennifer Westfeldt, Poppy Montgomery, Tori Spelling, Fred Willard; D: Joran Hawley; W: Joran Hawley; C: Dino Parks; M: Stephen Trask.

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How to Lose Your Lover

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