How to Succeed with Girls

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How to Succeed with Girls ★ 1964

Marginally funny comedy about pious wax salesman (Leder) with a secret fantasy life who unwittingly enlists the aid of his wife's lover (Schrier) to help him overcome his shyness. Several fantasy sequences (in color; the rest of the film is B&W) include an Arabian harem, an old West saloon, and a science laboratory. Brubaker's secretary (Mathes) was Playboy's Miss June 1962. Pete's girlfriend (McClanahan of TV's “Golden Girls”) is credited as either Patty Leigh or Helen Goodman. 83m/C VHS . Marissa Mathes, Rue McClanahan, Paul Leder, Leon Schrier; D: Edward A. Biery.

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How to Succeed with Girls

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