Hinson, E. Glenn

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HINSON, E. Glenn

HINSON, E. Glenn. American, b. 1931. Genres: Theology/Religion. Career: Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, professor of spirituality and John Loftis Professor of church history; Professor of Church History, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, 1962-92 (Instructor in New Testament, 1959-60, and in Church History, 1960-62). Professor of Religion, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1982-84. Pastor, First Baptist Church, Eminence, Indiana, 1957-59. Publications: The Church: Design for Survival, 1967; (co-author) Glossolalia, 1967; Seekers After Mature Faith, 1968; I and II Timothy and Titus, 1971; A Serious Call to a Contemplative Life Style, 1974, rev. 1993; Soul Liberty, 1975; Jesus Christ, 1977; The Integrity of the Church, 1978; The Reaffirmation of Prayer, 1979; A History of Baptists in Arkansas, 1980; The Evangelization of the Roman Empire, 1981; The Priesthood of Believers, 1982; Are Southern Baptists Evangelicals?, 1983; Understandings of the Church, 1986; Religious Liberty, 1991; Vozes do Christiano Primitivo, 1993; The Church Triumphant: A History of Christianity up to 1300, 1995; The Early Church, 1996; Love at the Heart of Things: A Biography of Douglas V. Steele, 1998; The Spiritual Formation of Pastors, 1999. EDITOR: The Early Church Fathers, 1975; Doubleday Devotional Classics, 3 vols., 1978; Spirituality in Ecumenical Perceptive, 1993. Address: Baptist Theological Seminary, 651 Upland Dr., Louisville, KY 40206, U.S.A.