Heartbreakers 2001

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Heartbreakers ★★½ 2001 (PG-13)

Max and Page, played by Weaver and Hewitt, are a mother-daughter conartist team who delight in seducing men right out of their bank accounts and billfolds. Tobacco billionaire William B. Tensy is Max's latest target, but proves to be a tougher case than she realized. Meanwhile, daughter Page has her sights set on Jack, the handsome Palm Beach bar owner, but can't decide if it's just another con, or true love. Hackman excels as the obnoxious Tensy. Director Mirkin's first feature since “Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.” 123m/C VHS, DVD . US Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Gene Hackman, Ray Liotta, Jason Lee, Anne Bancroft, Jeffrey Jones, Nora Dunn, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Ricky Jay, Stacey Travis; D: David Mirkin; W: Paul Guay, Robert Dunn, Stephen Mazur; C: Dean Semler; M: John Debney.