Haskins, Jim

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HASKINS, Jim. (James S). American, b. 1941. Genres: Children's nonfiction, Social commentary, Biography. Career: City University of New York, Staten Island Community College, Experimental College, assistant professor, 1970-77; University of Florida, professor of English, 1977-. Publications: Diary of a Harlem Schoolteacher, 1969; Resistance, 1970; The War and the Protest: Vietnam, 1971; Revolutionaries, 1971; Profiles in Black Power, 1972; From Lew Alcindor to Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 1972; (with H.F. Butts) The Psychology of Black Language, 1973; Religions, 1973; Deep Like the Rivers: Biography of Langston Hughes, 1973; Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback, 1973; Jobs in Business and Office, 1974; Witchcraft, Mysticism and Magic in the Black World, 1974; Adam Clayton Powell, 1974; Street Gangs, 1974; Ralph Bunche, 1974; Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron, 1974; Snow Sculpture and Ice Carving, 1974; The Creoles of Color of New Orleans, 1975; Fighting Shirley Chisholm, 1975; The Consumer Movement, 1975; The Picture Life of Malcolm X, 1975; Dr. J, 1975; Your Rights, 1975; New Kind of Joy: The Story of the Special Olympics, 1976; Teenage Alcoholism, 1976; The Story of Stevie Wonder, 1976; The Long Struggle, 1976; Pele, 1976; Scott Joplin, 1976; The Life and Death of Martin Luther King, Jr., 1977; Barbara Jordan, 1977; The Cotton Club, 1977; Who Are the Handicapped?, 1978; Voodoo and Hoodoo, 1978; George McGinnis, 1978; The Stevie Wonder Scrapbook, 1978; Bob McAdoo, Superstar, 1978; James Van Der Zee, 1979; Andrew Young, 1979; Gambling, 1979; The New Americans: Vietnamese Boat People, 1980; I'm Gonna Make You Love Me: The Story of Diana Ross, 1980; Werewolves, 1981; Magic, 1982; The Child Abuse Help Book, 1982; The New Americans: Cuban Boat People, 1982; Sugar Ray Leonard, 1982; Black Theater in America, 1982; Katherine Dunham, 1982; Lena, 1983; Bricktop, 1983; Richard Pryor, 1984; Space Challenger: The Story of Guion Bluford, 1984; Nat King Cole, 1984; About Michael Jackson, 1985; Leaders of the Middle East, 1985; Breakdancing, 1985; Diana Ross, 1985; The Statue of Liberty, 1986; Black Music in America, 1987; Queen of the Blues: A Biography of Dinah Washington, 1987; Count Your Way through the Arab World/China/Japan/Russia (4 vols.), 1987; Mabel Mercer, 1988; Corazon Aquino, 1988; Winnie Mandela, 1988; Bill Cosby, 1988; Shirley Temple Black, 1988; (with N.R. Mitgang) Mr. Bojangles: The Biography of Bill Robinson, 1988; (with K. Benson) The Sixties Reader, 1988; India under Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, 1989; Count Your Way through Africa/Canada/Korea/Mexico, 1989; (with L. Hampton) Hamp: An Autobiography, 1989; Count Your Way through Germany/Italy, 1990; Black Dance in America, 1990; Count Your Way through India/Israel, 1991; (with H. Crothers) Scatman, 1991; Outward Dreams, 1991; Christopher Columbus, 1991; Ella Fitzgerald, 1991; (with R. Parks) My Story, 1992; The Day Martin Luther King, Jr., Was Shot, 1992; One More River to Cross, 1992; Amazing Grace, 1992; Against All Opposition: Black Explorers in America, 1992; Colin Powell, 1992; Thurgood Marshall, 1992; Get on Board: The Story of the Underground Railroad, 1992; I Have a Dream, 1992; The Methodist Church, 1992; The March on Washington, 1993; The Headless Haunt and Other African-American Ghost Stories, 1994; The Scottsboro Boys, 1994; The Harlem Renaissance, 1996; The First Black Governor, Pinckney Bentan Stewart, 1996; Count Your Way through Brazil/Greece/France/Ireland (4 vols.), 1996; Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, 1996; Power to the People, 1997; Spike Lee, 1997; Separate, but Not Equal, 1997; I Am Rosa Parks, 1997; Bayard Rustin, 1997; Black, Blue and Gray, 1998; African American Entrepreneurs, 1998; Moaning Bones, 1998; African American Military Heroes, 1998; African Beginnings, 1998; Bound for America, 1999; (with K. Benson) Carter G. Woodson, 1999; Distinguished African American Political and Governmental Leaders, 1999; Jesse Jackson, 2000; One Nation under Groove, 2000; (with K. Benson) Out of the Darkness, 2000; Toni Morrison: The Magic of Words, 2000; One Love, One Heart, 2001; (with K. Benson) Following Freedom's Star, 2001; (with K. Benson) Conjure Times, 2001; Champion, 2002; Toni Morrison: Telling a Tale Untold, 2002; Black Stars of the Harlem Renaissance, 2002; Black Stars of Colonial and Revolutionary Times, 2002. EDITOR: (and contrib.) Black Manifesto for Education, 1973; Jokes from Black Folks, 1973; The Filipino Nation, 3 vols., 1982; Keeping the Faith, 2001. Address: 325 West End Ave Apt 7D, New York, NY 10023, U.S.A.