Haslet, John

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Haslet, John

HASLET, JOHN. (c. 1750–1777). Continental officer. Delaware. Born in Derry, Ireland, he studied theology before turning to medicine at the University of Glasgow. In 1757 he emigrated to Delaware, where he established his practice and became a Presbyterian minister. At the start of the Revolution he was colonel of the Kent County militia. On 19 January 1776 Haslet became colonel of the Delaware Regiment of the Continental Army, which became one of the best in the army, distinguishing itself at Long Island under Major Thomas McDonough. Haslet was absent on court-martial duty during the this battle; but he led the raid to Mamaroneck, New York, which defeated Major Robert Rogers's Loyalists, and rejoined Washington's main body in time for the battle at White Plains, 28 October 1776, where his regiment gained praise for its professional conduct. Haslet was killed in action at Princeton, 3 January 1777.

SEE ALSO Long Island, New York, Battle of; Mamaroneck, New York; Princeton, New Jersey; White Plains, New York.

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