Hardwick, Mollie

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HARDWICK, Mollie. British. Genres: Novels, Romance/Historical, Plays/ Screenplays, Literary criticism and history, Biography, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Announcer, 1943-46, and Producer and Script Ed., Drama Dept., 1946-62, BBC, London. Publications: (with M. Hardwick) The Sherlock Holmes Companion, 1962; (with M. Hardwick) Sherlock Holmes Investigates, 1963; (with M. Hardwick) The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes, 1964; (with M. Hardwick) Four Sherlock Holmes Plays, 1964; (with M. Hardwick) The Charles Dickens Companion, 1965; (compiler) Stories from Dickens, 1967; (with M. Hardwick) Alfred Deller: A Singularity of Voice, 1968, 1980; (with M. Hardwick) Writers' Houses, 1968; Emma, Lady Hamilton, 1969; (with M. Hardwick) Dickens's England, 1970; (with M. Hardwick) Plays from Dickens, 1970; Mrs. Dizzy, 1972; (with M. Hardwick) The Charles Dickens Encyclopedia, 1973; Upstairs, Downstairs: Sarah's Story, 1973; (with M. Hardwick) Four More Sherlock Holmes Plays, 1973; Upstairs, Downstairs: The Years of Change, 1974; (with M. Hardwick) The Bernard Shaw Companion, 1974; (with M. Hardwick) The Charles Dickens Quiz Book, 1974; Upstairs, Downstairs: Mrs. Bridges' Story, 1975; Upstairs, Downstairs: The War to End Wars, 1975; (with M. Hardwick) The Upstairs, Downstairs Omnibus, 1975; World of Upstairs, Downstairs, 1976; Beauty's Daughter, 1976; The Duchess of Duke Street: The Way Up, 1976; The Duchess of Duke Street: The Golden Years, 1976; (with M. Hardwick) The Gaslight Boy, 1976; The Duchess of Duke Street: The World Keeps Turning, 1977; Charlie Is My Darling, 1977; The Atkinson Heritage, 1978; The Atkinson Heritage: Sisters in Love, 1979; Thomas and Sarah, 1979; Lovers Meeting, 1979; Willowood, 1980; The Atkinson Heritage: Dove's Nest, 1980; Juliet Bravo 1, 1980; Juliet Bravo 2, 1980; Calling Juliet Bravo, 1981; Monday's Child, 1981; I Remember Love, 1982; The Shakespeare Girl, 1983; By the Sword Divided, 1983; The Merrymaid, 1984; Girl with a Crystal Dove, 1985; Malice Domestic, 1986; Parson's Pleasure, 1987; Blood Royal, 1988; Uneaseful Death, 1988; The Bandersnatch, 1989; Perish in July, 1989; The Dreaming Damozel, 1990. Died 2003.