The Hard Way

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The Hard Way ★★★ 1991 (R)

Hollywood superstar Fox is assigned to hardened NYC cop Woods to learn the ropes as he trains for a role. Nothing special in the way of script or direction, but Woods and Fox bring such intensity and good humor to their roles that the package works. Fox pokes fun at the LA lifestyle as the annoying, self-absorbed actor, and Marshall has an entertaining appearance as his agent. Woods is on familiar over-the-edge turf as the brittle but dedicated detective. Silly finale almost destroys the film, but other small vignettes are terrific. 91m/C VHS, DVD . James Woods, Michael J. Fox, Annabella Sciorra, Stephen Lang, Penny Marshall, LL Cool J, John Capodice, Christina Ricci, Karen (Lynn) Gorney, Luis Guzman; D: John Badham; W: Daniel Pyne, Lem Dobbs; C: Robert Primes; M: Arthur B. Rubinstein.