The Hanging Woman

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The Hanging Woman ★★½ Return of the Zombies; Beyond the Living Dead; La Orgia de los Muertos; Dracula, the Terror of the Living Dead; Orgy of the Dead; House of Terror 1972 (R)

A man is summoned to the reading of a relative's will, and discovers the corpse of a young woman hanging in a cemetery. As he investigates the mystery, he uncovers a local doctor's plans to zombify the entire world. Not bad at all and quite creepy once the zombies are out in force. Eurohorror star Naschy plays the necrophiliac grave digger, Igor. 91m/C VHS, DVD . SP IT Stelvio Rosi, Vickie Nesbitt, Marcella Wright, Catherine Gilbert, Gerard Tichy, Paul Naschy, Dianik Zurakowska, Maria Pia Conte, Carlos Quiney; D: Jose Luis Merino; W: Jose Luis Merino.