The Hands of Orlac 1960

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The Hands of Orlac ★★ Hands of the Strangler; Hands of a Strangler 1960

Third remake of Maurice Renard's classic tale. When a concert pianist's hands are mutilated in an accident, he receives a graft of a murderer's hands. Obsession sweeps the musician, as he believes his new hands are incapable of music, only violence. Bland adaptation of the original story. 95m/B VHS, DVD . GB FR Mel Ferrer, Christopher Lee, Felix Aylmer, Basil Sydney, Donald Wolfit, Donald Pleasence, Dany Carrel, Lucile Saint-Simon, Peter Reynolds, Campbell Singer, David Peel; D: Edmond T. Greville; W: Edmond T. Greville, John Baines, Donald Taylor; C: Desmond Dickinson; M: Claude Bolling.