Hamburger Hill

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Hamburger Hill ★★½ 1987 (R)

Popular war epic depicting the famous battle between Americans and Viet Cong over a useless hill in Vietnam. Made in the heyday of 1980s Vietnam backlash, and possibly the most realistic and bloodiest of the lot. 104m/C VHS, DVD . Michael Dolan, Daniel O'Shea, Dylan McDermott, Tommy Swerdlow, Courtney B. Vance, Anthony Barille, Michael Boatman, Don Cheadle, Tim Quill, Don James, Michael A. (M.A.) Nickles, Harry O'Reilly, Steven Weber, Tegan West, Kieu Chinh, Doug Goodman, J.C. Palmore; D: John Irvin; W: James (Jim) Carabatsos; C: Peter Macdonald; M: Philip Glass.