Hambly, Barbara

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HAMBLY, Barbara

HAMBLY, Barbara. American, b. 1951. Genres: Science fiction/Fantasy. Career: Freelance writer. Has worked as a research assistant, high school teacher, and karate instructor. Publications: DARWATH SERIES: The Time of the Dark, 1982; The Walls of Air, 1983; The Armies of Daylight, 1983; Mothers of Winter, 1996; Icefalcon's Quest, 1998. SUN WOLF SERIES: The Ladies of Mandrigyn, 1984; The Witches of Wenshar, 1987; The Unschooled Wizard, 1987; The Dark Hand of Magic, 1990 SUN-CROSS SERIES: The Rainbow Abyss, 1991; Magicians of the Night, 1992; Sun-Cross, 1992. THE WINDROSE CHRONICLES: The Silent Tower, 1986; The Silicon Mage, 1988; Darkmage, 1988; Dog Wizard, 1993. STAR TREK BOOKS: Ishmael: A Star Trek Novel, 1985; Ghost Walker, 1991; Crossroad, 1994. OTHER NOVELS: The Quirinal Hill Affair, 1983, as Search the Seven Hills, 1987; Dragonsbane, 1986; Those Who Hunt the Night, 1988, in UK as Immortal Blood; Beauty and the Beast (novelization of television script), 1989; Song of Orpheus (novelization of television script), 1990; Stranger at the Wedding, 1994, in UK as Sorcerer's Ward; Bride of the Rat God, 1994; Travelling with the Dead, 1995; Star Wars: Children of the Jedi, 1995; A Free Man of Color, 1997; Star Wars: Planet of Twilight, 1997; Fever Season, 1998; Die Upon a Kiss, 2001. EDITOR: Women of the Night, 1994; Sisters of the Night, 1995. Contributor of short fiction to anthologies and other publications. Author of scripts for animated cartoons. Address: c/o Del Rey Books, 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, U.S.A.