Hahn, Lewis E(dwin)

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HAHN, Lewis E(dwin)

HAHN, Lewis E(dwin). American, b. 1908. Genres: Philosophy. Career: University of Missouri-Columbia, instructor, 1936-39, assistant professor, 1939-46, associate professor of philosophy, 1946-49; Washington University, St. Louis, MO, professor of philosophy, 194963, department head, 1949-63, associate dean of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 1953-54, dean, 1954-63; Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, research professor of philosophy, 1963-77, professor emeritus, 1977-, visiting professor, 1981-. Princeton University, visiting lecturer, 1947; Baylor University, distinguished visiting professor, 1977, 1979, 1980. Illinois Philosophy Conference, president, 1969-71. UNESCO, member of U.S. National Commission, 1965-67. Publications: A Contextualistic Theory of Perception, 1942; The Philosophy of Paul Weiss, 1995; The Philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer, 1997. EDITOR: (with P.A. Schilpp) The Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel, 1984; (with Schilpp) The Philosophy of W.V. Quine, 1986; (with Schilpp) The Philosophy of John Dewey, 1989; (with Schilpp) The Philosophy of G.H. von Wright, 1989; (with H.M. Kaplan and R.E. McCoy) Charles D. Tenney, The Discovery of Discovery, 1991; The Philosophy of Charles Hart-shorne, 1991; The Philosophy of A.J. Ayer, 1992; The Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur, 1994. Contributor to books and philosophy journals. Address: Department of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL 62901, U.S.A.