Goble, Paul

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GOBLE, Paul. American/British, b. 1933. Genres: Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction, Mythology/Folklore, Illustrations. Career: Freelance industrial designer, 1960-68; Central School of Arts & Design, London, visiting lecturer, 1960-68; Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, London, England, senior lecturer, 1968-77; author and illustrator, 1969-. Publications: SELF-ILLUSTRATED FOR CHILDREN: (with D. Goble) Red Hawk's Account of Custer's Last Battle, 1969; (with D. Goble) Brave Eagle's Account of the Fetterman Fight, 21 December 1866, 1972, in UK as The Hundred in the Hands; (with D. Goble) Lone Bull's Horse Raid, 1973; (with D. Goble) The Friendly Wolf, 1974, rev. as Dream Wolf, 1990; The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, 1978; The Gift of the Sacred Dog, 1980; Star Boy, 1982; Buffalo Woman, 1984; The Great Race of the Birds and Animals, 1985; Death of the Iron Horse, 1987; Her Seven Brothers, 1988; Iktomi and the Boulder: A Plains Indian Story, 1988; Beyond the Ridge, 1989; Iktomi and the Berries: A Plains Indian Story, 1989; Iktomi and the Ducks: A Plains Indian Story, 1990; I Sing for the Animals, 1991; Iktomi and the Buffalo Skull: A Plains Indian Story, 1991; Crow Chief, 1992; Love Flute, 1992; The Lost Children, 1993; Adopted by the Eagles, 1994; Iktomi and the Buzzard, 1994; Hau Kola-Hello Friend (autobiography for children), 1994; Remaking the Earth: A Creation Story from the Great Plains of North America, 1996; The Return of the Buffaloes, 1996; The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman, 1998; Iktomi and the Coyote, 1998; Iktomi Loses His Eyes, 1999; Paul Goble Gallery: Three Native American Stories, 1999; Storm Maker's Tipi, 2001; Mystic Horse, 2003. Address: 10200 Oak Tree Canyon, Black Hawk, SD 57718, U.S.A.