God is My CoPilot

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God is My CoPilot ★★ 1945

Based on the book by Col. Robert Lee Scott (played by Morgan), an ace fighter pilot with Maj. Gen. Chennault's (Massey) famed Fighting Tigers squadron. After multiple engagements against the Japanese in the air over China, Scott is battling illness and nerves in 1942 when he's grounded just before a major air assault. Fairly standard hero story, told in flashbacks, although there's an emphasis on Scott's faith sustaining him, as you might guess from the title. 88m/B VHS . Dennis Mor gan, Raymond Massey, Dane Clark, Alan Hale, Andrea King, John Ridgely, Stanley Ridges, Craig Stevens, Richard Loo, Warren Douglas; D: Robert Florey; W: Abem Finkel, Peter Milne; C: Sid Hickox; M: Franz Waxman.