A Glimpse of Hell

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A Glimpse of Hell ★★½ 2001 (PG-13)

Excellent depiction of the 1989 explosion aboard the USS Iowa, and the subsequent investigations by the Navy, Congress. Lt. Dan Meyer (Leonard) is put in charge of a gun turret but soon finds equipment problems, unauthorized muni tions experiments, and lax training of the gunnery crew. When one of the turrets is rocked by an explosion and 47 men are killed, the Navy, and the ship's commander, Capt. Moosally (Caan), ignore the mounting physical evidence of accidental explosion to focus on a sabotage scenario involving one of the crew, Clay Hartwig (Eaves), supposedly distraught over the end of a homosexual affair with a fellow crewmember. As the investigations progress, Moosally comes to defend his men, and both he and Meyer must struggle with the question of truth vs. career. 85m/C VHS, DVD . Robert Sean Leonard, James Caan, Daniel Roebuck, Jamie Harrold, Cherie Devanney, Dashiell Eaves; D: Mikael Salomon; W: Charles C. Thompson II, David Freed. TV