A Girl Thing

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A Girl Thing ★★ 2001

In four individual stories, shrink Dr. Noonan (Channing) listens to her female patients' dreams and woes. Macpherson is a successful lawyer who finds herself attracted to Capshaw in a complicated affair. Headly and her sisters DeMornay and Janney bicker over their mother's final request—they must spend a week together in her house in order to collect their inheritance. Whitfield suspects her husband Bakula is having an affair and hires Hamilton to check things out. Manheim stars as a deeply disturbed patient who forces the doctor to reevaluate her own life and profession. 237m/C VHS, DVD . Stockard Channing, Elle Macpherson, Kate Capshaw, Glenne Headly, Rebecca De Mornay, Allison Janney, Lynn Whit field, Linda Hamilton, Camryn Manheim, Scott Ba kula, Bruce Greenwood, Brent Spiner, Mia Farrow; D: Lee Rose. CABLE