A Gun, a Car, a Blonde

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A Gun, a Car, a Blonde ★★ 1997

Paraplegic Richard Spraggins (Metzler) escapes from his pain-filled life by imagining himself to be living in a ‘50s film noir world, where he takes on the persona of tough private eye Rick Stone. Naturally, as in all good noir worlds, he must save a femme fatale blonde (Thompson) from a killer. 101m/C VHS, DVD . Jim Metzler, Billy Bob Thornton, Andrea Thompson, John Ritter, Kay Lenz, Victor Love, Paula Marshall; D: Stefani Ames; W: Stefani Ames, Tom Epperson; C: Carlos Gaviria; M: Harry Manfredini.

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A Gun, a Car, a Blonde

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