Geronimo 1993

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Geronimo ★★★ 1993

Not to be confused with the big screen version, this made-for-cable drama uses three actors to portray the legendary Apache warrior (1829-1909) at various stages of his life. The intrepid teenager who leads attacks on Mexican troops, the adult fighting the duplicitous bluecoats, and the aged man witnessing the destruction of his way of life. The true story is told from the point of view of Native American culture and historical records. Somewhat overly earnest. 120m/C VHS . Joseph Runningfox, Jimmy Herman, Ryan Black, Nick Ramus, Michelle St. John, Mi chael Greyeyes, Tailinh Forest Flower, Kimberly Norris, August Schellenberg, Geno Silva, Harrison Lowe; D: Roger Young; W: J.T. Allen; M: Patrick Williams. CABLE

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Geronimo 1993

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