Gerrit Smith Miller, Jr

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Gerrit Smith Miller, Jr.


American mammalogist who for more than half a century was associated with the United States National Museum, serving as Curator of Mammals there from 1908 until 1940. He was an authority on small mammals, particularly bats and shrews, and is best known for several important classified lists of European and American mammals. His Catalog of the Land Mammals of Western Europe appeared in 1912. Several earlier keys and historical summaries of American mammals culminated in List of North American Land Mammals (first published in 1912, with revisions in 1923 and 1954, the latter with Remington Kellogg). These were valued references on which zoologists relied for many decades. In later years his interests widened to include larger mammals, along with man. He also authored many papers on botanical, anthropological, and musical subjects.

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Gerrit Smith Miller, Jr

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