The Flamingo Rising

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The Flamingo Rising ★★½ 2001

Impetuous Herbert T. Lee (Benben) decides to build the world's largest drivein movie theatre in his '60s Florida community. Unfortunately, the spot he picks is right across the street from the funeral parlor run by Turner Knight (Hurt), who doesn't see it as an appropriate venue. Caught in the middle are Lee's two adopted children and his wife, Edna (McGovern), who tries to make both men see reason. Based on the novel by Larry Baker. 98m/C VHS . Brian Benben, William Hurt, Elizabeth McGovern, Angela Bettis, Erin Broderick, Joe Torry, Chris Larkin, Olivia Oguma; D: Martha Coolidge; W: Richard Russo; C: Johnny E. Jensen; M: David Newman. TV