The Flock

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The Flock ★★ 2007 (R)

Burned-out federal agent Erroll Babbage (Gere) is training his replacement, Allison Laurie (Danes), while investigating a missing girl he thinks is the victim of a paroled sex offender. First English-language pic for Hong Kong director Lau, best-known for “Infernal Affairs,” but the reshoots were done by Niels Mueller. Having another director take over is not considered a good sign. Sleazy and confusing, but features some good work by Gere and Danes. 91m/ C DVD . US Richard Gere, Claire Danes, KaDee Strickland, Matt Schulze, Russell Sams, Avril Lavigne, Ray Wise, French Stewart, Kristina Sisco; D: Andrew Lau; W: Hans Bauer, Craig Mitchell; C: Enrique Chediak; M: Guy Farley.