The Flamingo Kid

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The Flamingo Kid ★★★ 1984 (PG-13)

Brooklyn teen Jeffrey Willis (Dillon) gets a summer job at a fancy beach club on Long Island. His plumber father, Arthur (Elizondo), remembers how to dream but is also aware of how rough the world is on dreamers. Suddenly making lots of money at a mostly easy job, the kid's attracted to the high style of local sports car dealer Phil Brody (Crenna), and finds his father's solid life a bore. By the end of the summer, he's learned the true value of both men, and the kind of man he wants to be. Excellent performances all around, nice ensemble acting among the young men who play Dillon's buddies. Great sound track. Film debut of Jones, who seems a little old for her part as a California college sophomore. 100m/C VHS, DVD . Matt Dillon, Hector Elizondo, Molly McCarthy, Martha Gehman, Richard Crenna, Jessica Walter, Carole (Raphaelle) Davis, Janet Jones, Fisher Stevens, Bronson Pinchot; D: Garry Marshall; W: Garry Marshall, Neil Marshall; C: James A. Contner; M: Curt Sobel.