The Five Senses

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The Five Senses ★★★ 1999

Follows the trials of five urbanites, each of whom is linked to a missing child, as well as being linked to one of the five senses. Massage therapist Ruth (Rose) is losing her sense of touch; cake baker Rona (Parker) has an impaired sense of taste; housecleaner Robert (MacIvor) believes his acute sense of smell will lead to love; optholmologist Richard (Volter) is losing his hearing; and teenager Rachel (Litz) is drawn into spying games (sight) with a voyeur. Suprisingly accessible given the complex construct, each story is not only wellacted but frequently warm and witty. 105m/C VHS, DVD . CA MaryLouise Parker, Philippe Volter, Gabrielle Rose, Daniel MacIvor, Molly Parker, Pascale Bussieres, Marco Leonardi, Brendan Fletcher, Nadia Litz; D: Jeremy Podeswa; W: Jeremy Podeswa; C: Gregory Middleton; M: Alex Pauk, Alexina Louie. Genie '99: Director (Podeswa); TorontoCity '99: Canadian Feature Film.