The Flame of New Orleans

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The Flame of New Orleans ★★★ 1941

Dietrich is naturally the flame in question as Claire, Countess of New Orleans. She becomes engaged to Girard (Young) but then is attracted to sailor Robert (Cabot) and strings both men along while she tries to decide what to do. Claire's temporary solution is a harebrained plan involving her posing as a lookalike cousin, just come to town. French director Clair's first U.S. film was critically panned upon its release. 79m/B VHS . Marlene Dietrich, Bruce Cabot, Roland Young, Mischa Auer, Andy Devine, Frank Jenks, Franklin Pangborn, Laura Hope Crews; D: Rene Clair; W: Norman Krasna; C: Rudolph Mate; M: Frank Skinner.