At First Sight 1995

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At First Sight ★½ Two Guys Talkin' About Girls 1995 (R)

Yakky pedestrian comedy about schleppy Lenny (Silverman) and his best friend, macho Joey (Cortese), trying to help each other out with their romantic crises. Lenny meets cute when he picks up Rhonda (Smith) at the planetarium while Joey beds a string of girls, all of whom are named Cindy, in an effort to get over the first Cindy who broke his heart. It's been done before—and better. 90m/C VHS . Jonathan Silverman, Dan Cortese, Allison Smith, Monte Markham, Kathleen Freeman; D: Steven Pearl; W: Ken Copel; C: Glenn Kershaw; M: Richard Gibbs.

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At First Sight 1995

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