Fagan, Brian Murray

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FAGAN, Brian Murray

FAGAN, Brian Murray. American/British (born United Kingdom), b. 1936. Genres: Anthropology/Ethnology, Archaeology/Antiquities, History, Travel/Exploration. Career: British Institute in Eastern Africa, former director, Bantu Studies project; Livingstone Museum, Zambia, keeper of prehistory, 1959-65; University of Illinois, visiting associate professor, 1965-66; University of California, Santa Barbara, associate professor, 1967-69, professor of Anthropology, 1969-. Publications: Southern Africa during the Iron Age, 1966; (with S.G.H. Daniels and D.W. Phillipson) Iron Age Cultures in Zambia, vol. I, 1967, vol. II, 1969; (with F. Van Noten) The Hunter-Gatherers of Gwisho, 1971; In the Beginning, 1972, 10th ed., 2001; Men of the Earth, 1974, 2nd ed. as People of the Earth, 1977, 11th ed., 2003; The Rape of the Nile, 1975; Elusive Treasure, 1977; Quest for the Past, 1978; Return to Babylon, 1979; World Prehistory, 1979, 5th ed., 2001; The Aztecs, 1984; Clash of Cultures, 1984; The Adventure in Archaeology, 1985; Bareboating, 1985; Anchoring, 1985; The Great Journey, 1987; The Journey from Eden, 1991; Archaeology: A Brief Introduction, 1978, 8th ed., 2002; Ancient North America, 1991, 3rd, ed., 2000; Kingdoms of Gold, Kingdoms of Jade, 1992; Cruising Guide to Southern California's Offshore Islands, 1992; Cruising Guide: San Francisco to Ensenada, Mexico, 1994; Time Detectives, 1995; From Black Land to Fifth Son, 1998; Floods, Famines, and Emperors, 1999; Little Ice Age, 2001; Ancient Lives, 2000, 2nd ed., 2003; Cruising Guide to Central and Southern California, 2001. EDITOR: Victoria Falls Handbook, 1964; A Short History of Zambia, 1966; Oxford Companion to Archaeology, 1996; Eyewitness to Discovery, 1997. Address: Dept of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]