Escape: Human Cargo

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Escape: Human Cargo ★★★ Human Cargo 1998

Suspenseful and fact-based drama set in 1977. Texan John McDonald (Williams) thinks he's scored big when he gets a contract to build housing in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Despite government warnings, McDonald decides to travel there himself to oversee the deal. But his partners prove deceitful and when McDonald tries to enforce the contract, he's the one that winds up in prison. He's eventually released, but with his passport confiscated, the only way for McDonald to get out of the Middle East is to try smuggling himself home as cargo. Based on the book “Flight from Dhahran” by John McDonald and Clyde Burleson. 110m/C VHS, DVD . Treat Williams, Stephen Lang, Sasson Gabai; D: Simon Wincer; W: William Mickelberry, Dan Vining; C: David Burr; M: Eric Colvin. CABLE