Escape Clause

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Escape Clause ★★ 1996 (R)

Insurance exec Richard Ramsay (McCarthy) gets a call from a hitman informing him that his wife Sarah (McNeil) has hired him to kill Richard. The hitman says if Richard will pay him, the contract's off. Instead Richard tries to figure out what's going on, with some help from police detective Ferrand (Sorvino), who discovers Richard has been treated for paranoid delusions. Fast-paced mystery with a few too many twists. 131m/C VHS . Andrew McCarthy, Paul Sorvino, Kate McNeil, Peter Donaldson, Kenneth Welsh, Connie Britton, Stan(ford) Egi, John Evans; D: Brian Trenchard-Smith; W: Danilo Bach; M: Ken Thorne, Richard (Rick) Marvin. VIDEO