Ellie Parker

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Ellie Parker ★★★ 2005

Ellie (Watts) is the typical struggling actress in L.A., frantically driving from audition to audition, transforming her clothes and personality in an instant to please a series of dismissive casting directors. While Ellie wrestles with her integrity and the absurdity of Hollywood, her friends and manager (Chevy Chase, in an odd cameo role) try and fail to re-inspire her love of acting. Coffey uses 16-millimeter film to emphasize Ellie's disconsolate search for something authentic. A low-budget verite production, but Watts' performance is spot-on. 95m/C DVD . US Naomi Watts, Rebecca Rigg, Chevy Chase, Mark Pelligrino, Blair Mastbaum, Scott Coffey; Cameos: Keanu Reeves; D: Scott Coffey; W: Scott Coffey; C: Blair Mastbaum, Scott Coffey; M: B.C. Smith.