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ELLERBECK, Rosemary. (Anne L'Estrange). Also writes as Anna L'Estrange, Nicola Thorne, Katherine Yorke. British (born South Africa). Genres: Novels. Career: Full-time writer, 1975-. Formerly, publisher and editor. Publications: Inclination to Murder, 1965; Hammersleigh, 1976; Rose, Rose Where Are You?, 1977; (as Anna L'estrange) Return to Wuthering Heights, 1978; The People of This Parish, 1991. AS NICOLA THORNE: The Girls, 1967; Bridie Climbing, 1969; In Love, 1973; A Woman Like Us, 1979; The Perfect Wife and Mother, 1980; The Daughters of the House, 1981; Where the Rivers Meet, 1982; Affairs of Love, 1983; Pride of Place, 1988; Champagne, 1989; Bird of Passage, 1990; The Rector's Daughter, 1992; Champagne Gold, 1992; A Wind in Summer, 1993; Silk, 1993; Profit and Loss, 1994; Trophy Wife, 1995; Repossession, 1996; Worlds Apart, 1996; Old Money, 1997; Rules of Engagement, 1997; In This Quiet Earth, 1998; The Good Samaritan, 1998; Past Love, 1998; Class Reunion, 1999; A Time of Hope, 1999; In Time of War, 2000; My Name Is Martha Brown, 2000; In Search of Martha Brown (nonfiction), 2000; The Broken Bough, 2001; The Blackbird's Song, 2001; A Friend of the Family, 2002; The Water's Edge, 2002; Oh Happy Day!, 2003; THE ASKHAM CHRONICLES, 1898-1967: Never Such Innocence, 1985; Yesterday's Promises, 1986; Bright Morning, 1986; A Place in the Sun, 1987. AS KATHERINE YORKE: The Enchantress, 1979; Falcon Gold, 1980; Lady of the Lakes, 1981; A Woman's Place, 1983; The Pair Bond, 1984; Swift Flows the River, 1988. Address: c/o Julia Burton Literary Agency, 2 Clifton Ave, London W12 9DR, England. Online address: [email protected]

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Ellerbeck, Rosemary

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