Easy Wheels

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Easy Wheels ★★½ 1989

Like most decent biker movies, “Wheels” is propelled by bad taste and a healthy dose of existentialist nihilism. But there's an unusual plot twist in this parody. A biker named She-Wolf and her gang kidnap female babies and let wolves rear the children. Their elaborate plan is to create a race of super women who will subdue the troublesome male population. But can this “noble” plan succeed? 94m/C VHS, DVD . Paul LeMat, Eileen Davidson, Marjorie Bransfield, Jon Menick, Mark Holton, Karen Russell, Jami Richards, Roberta Vasquez, Barry Livingston, George Plimpton; D: David O'Malley; W: Ivan Raimi, Celia Abrams, David O'Malley; M: John Ross.