Easy to Wed

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Easy to Wed ★★½ 1946

Mild MGM musical remake of 1936's “Libeled Lady.” Wealthy J.B. Allenbury (Kellaway) is suing for big bucks after an unflattering writeup of his daughter Connie's (Williams) lifestyle (she's accused of being a playgirl who likes married men). So newspaper editor Warren Haggerty (Wynn) sends suave reporter Bill (Johnson) to pretend to be married and prove the accusations true while Haggerty's fiancee Gladys (Ball) gets caught in the middle of the farce. Williams is winning but Ball steals the picture. 109m/C DVD . Esther Williams, Van Johnson, Keenan Wynn, Lucille Ball, Cecil Kellaway, Ben Blue, June Lockhart, Grant Mitchell, Paul Harvey, Jonathan Hale, James Flavin; D: Edward Buzzell; W: Dorothy Kingsley; C: Harry Strandling Jr.; M: Johnny Green.