Easy Living 1937

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Easy Living ★★★ 1937

Exasperated Wall Street millionaire J.B. Ball (Arnold) throws his spoiled wife's (Nash) fur coat out their apartment window and it just happens to land on poor-but-hardworking secretary Mary Smith (Arthur). Ball insists Mary keep the coat and even buys her a matching hat. Soon, rumors are flying that Mary is the millionaire's tootsie. She meets cute with John (Milland), who turns out to be Ball's son and, after the usual misunderstandings, the twosome realize that they're meant for each other. 91m/B VHS . Jean Arthur, Edward Arnold, Ray Milland, Franklin Pangborn, Mary Nash, William Demerest; D: Mitchell Leisen; W: Preston Sturges; C: Ted Tetzlaff; M: Boris Morros.