Dying to get Rich

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Dying to Get Rich ★★ Susan's Plan 1998 (R)

Slow pacing stunts the humor but doesn't manage to destroy it. Divorced Susan (Kinski) wants her lover, Sam (Zane), to knock off her ex-husband (Paul) so she can collect his life insurance policy. He hires the job out to a couple of losers (Schneider, Biehn), who fail. So the lovers hire a crazy biker (Aykroyd) to finish the job. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Nastassja Kinski, Billy Zane, Dan Aykroyd, Rob Schneider, Lara Flynn Boyle, Adrian Paul, Michael Biehn, Carl Ballantine, Thomas Haden Church, Bill Duke, Sheree North; D: John Landis; W: John Landis; C: Ken Kelsch; M: Peter Bernstein.