Dust 2001

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Dust ★½ 2001 (R)

Skewered Euro-western set primarily in a war-torn Macedonia (where it was filmed) at the turn of the 20th century. It begins awkwardly in a present-day New York apartment where the aged Angela (Murphy) holds would-be burglar Edge (Lester) at gunpoint so he will listen to the story of her father and uncle. Gunfighter brothers Luke (Wen-ham) and Elijah (Fiennes) both fall for prostitute Lilith (Brochet), but it's Elijah who marries her. An embittered Luke eventually winds up in Macedonia, where revolutionary gangs battle the occupying Turks. Luke lends his gun, finds a girl (Kujaca), and then Elijah shows up. The old-west tale is visually stunning (and bloody) but the New York story is intrusive and sentimental. 124m/C VHS, DVD . GB GE IT MA Joseph Fiennes, David Wenham, Adrian Lester, Rosemary Murphy, Anne Brochet, Nikolina Kujaca; D: Milcho Manchevski; W: Milcho Manchevski; C: Barry Ackroyd; M: Kiril Dzajkovski.