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DUNBAR, Joyce. British, b. 1944. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Writer. Worked as an English teacher, 1968-89, the last ten years in the drama department at the college at Stratford-on-Avon; teaches writing workshops in Skyros, Greece; visits schools. Publications: Jugg, 1980; The Magic Rose Bough, 1984; Mundo and the Weather-Child, 1985, 1993; A Bun for Barney, 1987; The Raggy Taggy Toys, 1987; Software Superslug, 1987; Tomatoes and Potatoes, 1988; Billy and the Brolly Boy, 1988; Mouse Mad Madeline, 1988; One Frosty Friday Morning, 1989; Joanna and the Bean-Bag Beastie, 1989; Software Superslug and the Great Computer Stupor, 1989; Ollie Oddbin's Skylark, 1989; I Wish I Liked Rice Pudding, 1989; Software Superslug and the Nutty Novelty Knitting, 1990; Ten Little Mice, 1990; Five Mice and the Moon, 1990; The Scarecrow, 1991; Giant Jim and Tiny Tim, 1991; I Want a Blue Banana, 1991; Why Is the Sky Up?, 1991; Lollopy, 1991; Four Fierce Kittens, 1991; Can Do, 1992; Mouse and Mole, 1993; Mouse and Mole Have a Party, 1993; Seven Sillies, 1993; My First Read Aloud Story Book, 1993; The Spring Rabbit, 1993; The Wishing Fish Tree, 1994; Brown Bear, Snow Bear, 1994; Doodling Daniel (x4), 1994; Little Eight John (retelling), 1994; Oops-A-Daisy, 1995; Indigo and the Whale, 1996; This Is the Star, 1996; Freddie the Frog, 1996; Happy Days for Mouse and Mole, 1996; A Very Special Mouse and Mole, 1996; The Selfish Snail, 1997; If you Want to Be a Cat…, 1997; Baby Bird, 1997; Hansel and Gretel, 1997; Tell Me Something Happy before I Go to Sleep, 1998; The Pig Who Wished, 1998; The Sand Children, 1998; Panda & Gander, 1999; The Glass Garden, 1999; Eggday, 1999; The Very Small, 2000; Hip-Dip-Dip with Mouse & Mole, 2000; The Ups and Downs of Mouse & Mole, 2001; Magic Lemonade, 2001. Author of many stories for children's educational series. Contributor of stories to anthologies.

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