Dirty Love

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Dirty Love Woof! 2005 (R)

Jenny McCarthy was funny once upon a time. Now, not so much. Rebecca (McCarthy) finds out her idiot boyfriend (Webster) is cheating on her, so she attempts to get back at him by sleeping with a constant stream of nerds, each more nerdy than the last. Her sidekicks Michelle (Electra) and Carrie (Heskin) are trashy, ineffectual, and stupid. In fact, everyone's stupid. An embarrassing film with little to recommend. 95m/C DVD . US Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Victor Webster, Kam Heskin, Lochlyn Munro, Kathy Griffin, Jessica Collins; D: John Mallory Asher; W: Jenny McCarthy; C: Eric Wycoff. Golden Raspberries '05: Worst Picture, Worst Actress (McCarthy), Worst Director (Asher), Worst Screenplay.