Danny Roane: First Time Director

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Danny Roane: First Time Director ★½ 2006 (R)

One-time sitcom star Danny Roane (Dick) has been blacklisted in Hollywood because of his infamous partying. After sobering up, Danny tries to make a comeback by directing his own autobiographical movie. But after Danny goes on a bender, he decides to suddenly turn his production into a musical and winds up in deep trouble. Your tolerance for Dick's antics will determine if you enjoy the flick. 83m/C DVD . Andy Dick, Michael Hitchcock, Bob Odenkirk, Anthony Rapp, James Van Der Beek, Maura Tierney, Jack Black, Mo Collins, Danny Trejo, Sara Rue, Kevin Farley, Paul Henderson; Cameos: Ben Stiller; D: Andy Dick; W: Andy Dick; C: Ben Gamble; M: Jason Miller. CABLE